Dictionaries: African languages

A Basic English-Shona Dictionary

An English-Zulu Dictionary

Azerbaijani-English, English-Azerbaijani Dictionary and Phrasebook

English Tigrigna Dictionary

Essential Swahili Dictionary

Igbo-English, English-Igbo Dictionary and Phrasebook

Nyakyusa-English-Swahili & English-Nyakyusa Dictionary

Prisma Groot Woordenboek Afrikaans and Dutch

Prisma Mini dictionary Afrikaans – Dutch/ Dutch – Afrikaans

Somali – English Dictionary

Somali-English, English-Somali Dictionary and Phrasebook

Sudanese Arabic-English – English-Sudanese Arabic

Swahili-English/English-Swahili Practical Dictionary

Wolof-English/English-Wolof Dictionary & Phrasebook

Yoruba-English/English-Yoruba Modern Practical Dictionary